Monday 15 August 2011

3-day staycation

While the whole city and his mother seemed to be heading out for the long Independence day weekend, we were staying put in Gurgaon. I thought we'd take the opportunity to do a few things around Delhi that we hadn't managed to do/see yet. Those plans didn't work out but we still had a nice relaxed long weekend.
Saturday, we celebrated Raksha Bandhan. We had invited some friends over for lunch that day so I was busy cooking. I learnt the proper way to make kuzhi-paniyarams from my Chettiar friend! So, true to form, I patao-ed her into slaving over the gas-stove and making them for everybody!! I'm such a bad hostess :((
The same evening, we headed out to a nearby park for the kids to get in some playtime before dinner at Gurgaon's (only?) slow-food, organic restaurant. The food was YUM and knowing it was organic made it taste even better! I would have taken some snaps of the moong-dal chila stuffed with paneer if Ads hadn't been busy projectile-vomiting. Poor guy had a stomach bug and has been on a curd-rice diet all weekend.
On Sunday, we were meeting friends at Hauz-Khas for lunch. The kids love the Hauz-Khas deer park. It's clean, extremely green, has deer, peacock and rabbits, a duck-pond AND a children's play area. What's NOT to like???? The adults like it because it has some kick-ass restaurants, one right inside the park. I adore it most of all because of all the 13th century monuments. It's astonishing and enticing to be roaming down a shady avenue of trees, take a random turn and suddenly encounter this.

Or this,

Or this one.

Today, a rainy overcast day, will be spent indoors doing Hindi maatraas with Ads. He has a test tomorrow. Soooo boring! But a mommy's gotta do what a mommy's gotta do.


  1. I so love your concept of exploring the city you live in - something i'm sorely lacking in! As hubby keeps reminding me, before planning elaborate vacations, we should explore locally more... hoping to get around to this soon :) !
    Lovely pics of those monuments - Delhi is so rich with culture and heritage I'm sure you'll have lots and lots of great places to introduce the kids to.

  2. Ok.. did i read that right? The lesson learnt about K.Paniyaram? The proper way to do K.P is to get someone who knows how to do it, to do it...
    thats awesome!
    Okay.. am not so twisted.. the pictures are nice... happy? :P

  3. Hey Aparna - Bangalore is so fab - u know what, this time I actually went to the GPO and have u ever been there? It's so pretty! They have a lovely flower garden.

  4. L_R - thanks, and yeah...what..half the time when I call people over to my house, i nicely butter them up and they end up cooking!!

  5. wow..the pics are lovely..we also stayed at home for this weekend..
    got the much needed rest..wanted to visit the Dastakar mela and the flower show at lalbaugh..but somehow it never yr maybe..

  6. I loved the pics. What a perfect way to spend the long weekend! I love those local/relaxed kind of weekends instead of packing a whole lot and driving for 5 hrs etc. We never used the term "long weekend" in India when I was growing up. Is it now commonly used there also? I always get to know the new India through these blogs. I was watching "Life in the Metro" last night - was so interesting to see how India is so different now.
    Ads birthday coming up looks like! Will look forward to a post about the six year old!

  7. Uma - as long as you got some RnR - that's more than enough :)

  8. Noon - yes "long weekend" is quite commonly used. Most people also seem to be travelling so much more nowadays - to the extent that if u stay at home during a long weekend, u get the sneaking feeling that everyone except u is having loads of fun outside the city! I'm sure you find a lot of changes when you visit India, either virtually or in person.

    Yes, the lil fella is turning 6 in a few days. I'm not sure I'll do a 6th bday post...I agonize so much about him in these pages already :( But hey, never say never, eh?

  9. That looks an awesome place. I'm gonna try to visit it. I'm pretty sure me and my friends are going to love it. Check out the Budget Hotels in Cebu City, you'll love it too. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!


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