Thursday 20 February 2014


Have I said it before? The 5 yo is the most mature person in our household. Trust Y to always put things in the right perspective. The other day, I had lost one ATM card but inadvertently managed to call the bank and block not the one which I had lost, but the one which was still lying in my wallet. Having discovered my error, I was fuming at my stupidity. As steam issued merrily from my ears, Y piped up - Amma, why are you so upset? Is our life in danger?!!!
Ads on the other hand, is well-known for taking things much too seriously. The other day I got back from work and went to pick up the kids from my parent's place. Ads was excited - Amma look I've cleaned up naani's house so well! Naani and thatha were grimly holding onto their seats. I wondered why they weren't moving. Then I saw the lil fella in tears. While sitting down, I had spoilt the alignment of the sofa cushion which was no longer a perfect 90 degrees. All his "neating" was in vain!
No longer can advertisements be taken at face value. S says Ads should be part of the Advertising Standards Bureau. Every TVC, hoarding, print ad is dissected. How can they say this is the best? The most comfortable? The greatest? The best value? How do they know what I like and what I think is the best? Aren't they lying? Welcome to the big bad world of advertising, my little cynic! 
And then this, in Bali. Why are we born if we all have to die one day? 
Okay (deep breath), atleast he's asking all the right questions.

Thursday 6 February 2014

The cycling bug

I didn't know how often I would bike/cycle, but I am happy to report that the bug has bitten me well and truly! The contraption is being duly zipped around the community every second morning, and it is sooooo much fun! Plus, at this stage when I am so time-strapped, efficiency gets top marks from me and I am all for finishing my day's workout in 20 minutes instead of 50. Screaming-in-protest-thighs also get top marks! Biking with S would be even better but currently looks like a distant dream. For now, I will settle for the cool breeze blowing through my hair, great music coursing through the eardrums, and occasional showing-off (Look ma, no hands!) in front of my son who thought Amma didn't know cycling :)

Food and the third kid

S and I have a standing joke, that the amount of food wasted on a daily basis by Ads and Y would comfortably feed our hypothetical third child.
Last week, after the kids had finished with dinner, S looked at the soiled dishes stacked near the sink and said: Our third child is getting pretty fat.
Sigh. While our first two children only grow lengthwise! :)