Wednesday 26 March 2014

Only about Y#1

The school bus driver has been complaining about Y. Apparently she does not sit quietly in her seat when the bus is in motion, especially on the way back from school,  but keeps running up and down for some reason or the other. Whenever the bus stops to drop off a child at his/her stop, Y gets up and "escorts" the kid upto the bus door. I've heard this from the driver multiple times, multiple versions. When we task Y, she gets all teary and claims she has been getting up for a legitimate purpose - I wanted water. My friend asked me to get the toffee from my bag. I needed some hand sanitizer, and so on. When my disbelief is apparent, her parting shot is always - Amma, you always say bad things about me! Which, by the way, is completely untrue because I am her biggest fan :) Anyway she is quite the chhupa-rustam so I tend to believe the bus driver and not her!
She has been learning Bharatanatyam for the last few weeks (a little young, I am told) but the teacher's really nice and Y seemed to enjoy the first few trial classes so we went ahead. Never having learnt the dance form myself, I was quite taken aback to see how hard it was and how much of a strain it puts on the knees and back. Well, my knees and back for sure when I tried some of the steps...I assume kids are more flexible!

(Can you tell this is an easy week at work? I got my blogging mojo back :) Better I think to do short quick posts whenever I have a free minute than aim for longer well-thought out and well-written posts....not that my long ones were particularly scintillating to read...just saying :))

Summer is here

Posted this on fb today :)
You know the holidays are round the corner when crafty items begin appearing at home, when your mom calls with an urgent request for empty cereal boxes, tins and bottles, and when various Gods begin sportiing beady accoutrements.

Monday 24 March 2014

Kiddisms #2

It's been a while since I blogged, and I don't know quite where to begin. It's fair to say we have all been so busy with our routines and with living life, so to speak, that writing about it and recording memories have had to fall by the wayside. Being up at 5 am to get ready for a hectic day and falling into bed exhausted at 10 pm does not an active blogger make!
But it's all good -- we are fast approaching the end of yet another school year. How times flies! Ads will go to 4th grade this year and will turn 9 in just a few months. Y will still be in kindergarten :) But she is going to have an extended day come June, so changes in store for her. My parents have settled in well and we have established a daily routine that pivots around the children's needs. I am loving my job and while the commute is still killing, I have been working a couple of days a week from home which makes it easier.
But enough of that. The kids have been cracking me up with their usual antics. Jotting down a few here lest I forget!
Advaith has now taken to wearing shirts instead of t-shirts, all buttoned up till the neck (a la Dev Anand). When we step out, he likes to wear jeans/trousers (no shorts), belt, socks and shoes (floaters? what are those?). I am his biggest irritant because I'm constantly trying to make him dress down. The other day, I pleaded with him to unbutton the collar button. His response? A roll of the eyes and "Amma, I am NOT a Hindi film hero!" He dislikes seeing people with their shirts unbuttoned all the way down displaying their macho chests :)
His major mania is "neating". Apparently our apartment looks like a pigsty. I am so offended especially as I've spent most of my life being accused of being too neat and tidy. He spends every spare minute obsessively tidying up the flat, plumping cushions and keeping slippers lined up in ramrod-straight lines :) The Virgo streak is more than apparent, along with the OCD-like behaviour that marks many of us. One of my friends told me the other day that Virgo women are quite nice but Virgo men can be insufferable and I am beginning to appreciate those wise words :(
He still hates the camera and is a little relieved that "Amma does not click many photos nowadays." Glad somebody noticed! I asked him "Am I the best mom?". Ok I know, kinda silly question but I had just come away from an awwww moment of Y telling me "Amma you are not a good are the BEST mom!"
Ads sighed. "Amma, if I was Yashas, then Chitra aunty (Yashas' mom) would be the best mom. And if I  was X then X's mom would be the best mom."
I persisted. So what are you saying, do you think I'm the best mom or not?
Silence and a LOOK which seemed to say - Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies!
That's my boy - my harshest critic and the Raja Harishchandra of this family - he gives it like it is! Between him and S, I can rest assured I will never suffer from an inflated ego!
Y on the other hand, is the one that signs off each night with a solicitous - "Amma, are you going to do some work? Don't strain yourself, ok? Go to bed soon!"