Sunday 14 August 2011

Raksha Bandhan 2011

Since last year, the kids have been celebrating Raksha Bandhan. I find it a very sweet festival, a celebration of the wonderful intimate bond between bro and sis. Plus, for lazy people like me, the work involved is so minimal - no dishes to be made, no puja to be done :)
So, on Friday, Y made a rakhi for Ads, with a lot of help from me :) The blue one on top is what she made at school (I'm guessing her teacher made most of it since it's so neat) and the white one with the red ribbon is what we made at home. 

This is the puja thali assembled by both of us :) Brown toblerone for Ads and white chocolate for Y (she won't eat brown!)

Yukta quite distracted while tying the rakhi because she had spotted the gifts!

Ads wanted to tie a rakhi for his sister so we did that too.

I bought small gifts for them to exchange with each other. Y got a pair of hair-clips and Ads got a set of plastic wild animals. Soon after the rakhi "ceremony" was over,  they were fighting like cat and dog over the plastic animals.....sigh...........was all that effort for nothing???


  1. sweet of Ads wanting to tie a rakhi too..
    Lol@ Y for eyeing the gifts and lol @ them fighting over

  2. Uma - As you :) Well I've seen some adults also doing the same thing!

  3. Hey the homemade rakhis are a lovely idea - and look great too!
    I was too lazy to do anything this year - but the number of rakhis and friendship bands both my kids brought back from school was quite amazing !!

  4. Read the following imagining a solemn toneless voice reading out.. okay here goes..
    As a representative reader of the male clan (yeah clan) i have to register that we 'officially condemn celebration of brother sister bonding outside of relations. We believe it must be made illegal :)
    uff.. got that out of my head. One more thing..before you decide to pounce on me, check with the male members of your family.. you'd be surprised they'd agree :)
    Did you check with Ads and Yukta on their opinion on whether its a big deal celebrating this? Just curious? :)
    Super neat Rakhis btw.

  5. Aparna, I was a little surprised Ads didn't get to make rakhis in school this year. He got 2 friendship bands and was miffed that he didn't have any to give to his friends. I promised him next year I would stay on top of friendship day :)

  6. L_R: No am not going to pounce on u, I know u are right :)
    Nope never checked with ads and Y -- hey they got gifts - how culd they have a problem?? :)

  7. Yes Aparna - same thing happened with D with her receiving friendship bands from 2-3 friends and me feeling guilty that I was not up-to-date with this !!

    When even S brought back a friendship band given to him by a friend I gave up !

  8. Hehe. .. very nice and cute pics. I love Rakshabandhan the most. And love my sister too much. !! Maybe these pics are old but they still have the smell of love. Happy Rakshabandhan in advance.


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