Friday 4 September 2020

End of summer

This long summer is winding down. We are getting prepped for school. We have had virtual open houses, meeting with homeroom teacher for Y, picking up laptops and other materials, etc. In between, Ads turned 15, and to celebrate, we went on a short vacation to southwestern Virginia, on the Tennessee/North Carolina border. We stayed in a gorgeous Airbnb, went on a long bike ride (17 miles!), and hiked in a beautiful state park with some amazing views. A much-needed break after being cooped up in the house for months.

I had my birthday a few days ago and we didn't do much, cake-cutting and chilled at home. I was thinking of birthdays when I was in school and college. Greeting cards, some arriving by post. The birthday "dress". Going to school and getting handmade cards from friends, and in some cases, small gifts (so treasured!). Having to "treat" those same friends on the way home, with ice-cream or pastries. The simplicity of it all, and the thrill! I had a party for my birthday just twice, for my 1st birthday and for my 10th birthday. After those celebrations, I cut a cake for the first time at our campus hostel in Bangalore in 1997. 

Many more people wish me for my birthdays nowadays, thanks to social media. While I appreciate the FB posts and the Whatsapp messages, nothing makes me happier than an old friend taking the time to pick up the phone and call. And my really close friends do. Not all of them, every year; but most of the time, they call and we have a long chat about everything under the sun. We don't send greeting cards to each other anymore. But their voices and their laughter make up for it several times over.