Friday 12 February 2021

2021 and a memory

2021 is here! It started with some crazy scary scenes at the Capitol (in our backyard) on Jan 6th, a high with the Presidential inauguration on the 20th (which I would have totally attended if there was no COVID/security concern), and a fair amount of snow for us here in Virginia! We are in February already. The kids are done choosing their core courses and electives for the next academic year. Ads goes to junior year (11th grade) and Y starts middle school (7th grade). There is a heck of a lot of fuss being made about the elementary-to-middle school transition and I have been feeling most amused by all that. Parent orientation night, school orientation for rising 7th graders, curriculum night, and whatnot.  

Meanwhile, Facebook shared this memory- a note written exactly 10 years ago when Y first started wearing glasses. She was about 2 and a quarter years old at the time. I remember random aunties accosting me in the elevator, park, etc, and dispensing free advice. I used to be consumed with impotent rage but rarely had a good comeback to their hurtful comments. What used to drive a spear through my heart though, was the silent look Y would always give me during these times. She was a tiny thing, always clutching my hand, and while not very verbal, could understand that the aunties were talking about her and her glasses. I was SO glad when she grew older and there were lots of kids her age sporting glasses! 

Some really weird reactions and comments to Yukta wearing glasses:
1. You didn't feed her enough carrots and pumpkins. (It's always-always-the-mother's-fault theory)
2. She looks so underweight, I knew some problem like this would crop up (Aah - benefits of hindsight)
3. Chuck the glasses, docs don't know anything, her eyes will correct themselves. (big thumbs-down for medical advances down the centuries)
4. (This is the best one) No need to wear glasses, just pour a tsp of castor oil+honey into her eyes every morning. (Yea for home remedies)
And it's only been 2 days!!! Why are people so judgemental and self-satisfiedly all-knowing????