Monday 7 December 2015

In other news...

Y did well at her school sports last weekend, winning the girls 50 m race and coming 2nd in skating. Not having been much of an athlete in my school days, I get disproportionately kicked about my kids' sporting achievements, small though they might be :). Y was all smiles after winning the 50 m race and visibly disappointed when she came in second in skating inspite of being the crowd favourite :). She has entered herself for the Math and English Olympiads this year, and a Spelling bee, and seems to be stressed about whether or not she will collect any medals or certificates in these!
We have been very happy with her new school, and so has she. The philosophy, and Montessori-inspired teaching, has done wonders for Y. A couple of days ago, they made the first and second graders set up food and craft stalls while the preschool kids had their Sports Day. The kids worked in teams to attract customers, sell the products, handle cash, and calculate profit/loss made on their stalls. Y came back super-charged after the event, not the least because she had used the money I had given her to walk around all the other stalls and do some solo shopping on her own! I was happy to see she had bought not food, but lots of craft/handmade items, proving she is her mother's daughter after all :)
The winter holidays are almost here, and in a few short months, it will be summer break again. How the year has flown!

Ad-Lib #12

Resurrecting the AdLib series, because my 10 yo says the best funniest things. Some of these I posted on my facebook page but I want to put them down here as well.

Y singing: "Love is an open door...."
As snapping: "No it isn't!!"
The literal-minded don't get poetry. 

Ads to me: How much do you love me?
Me: As much as the entire universe.
Ads: Do you mean the observable universe?
Me: Huh?? (standard reaction!)

Ads: You know Amma, Adolf Hitler is a great example of a person who persevered against all odds to realize his dream. He started his political party in 1918 but did not become Chancellor until 1933. He waited 15 years to get to where he wanted.
Me: That's actually a really good example.
Ads (wisely): Yes, but no one will like to use it and say Hitler was really good at something.