Tuesday 1 April 2014

Getaway to BR Hills

The last couple of weeks have been very tiring for both S and me, primarily due to work pressures. We just wanted to get away from it all; so the long Ugadi weekend and our plan to drive to BR Hills could not have come at a more opportune time. I was so tired that I actually snapped at S when he asked me to pull out the car-seats from the loft...that’s when I knew I definitely needed a vacation pronto!!
BR Hills is just the right distance from Bangalore. Long enough to know you are far enough from the city and short enough that it doesn’t seem like a chore to drive there and back. There aren’t too many stay options there and we picked a property that’s run by an NGO that is very active in the area. Check them out here. We loved the property, our cottage, the guided forest walk early in the morning, the visit to the NGO (they run a residential school, health center and vocational skills training centers), and the drive deep into the forest for some wildlife-spotting. 
We didn’t see many animals but the forest was pretty in the evening sunshine, the play of light and shade was enticing and when I put my head out of the window to let the soft breeze play on my face and hair, Ads instantly pointed out “Of course Amma does not like to follow any rules. You should keep your face and hands inside the car. I think a monkey is going to jump on your face!”
All very valid points, I agree....but what a mood-killer the boy is!  
Some pics...

Driving to BR Hills

Dry deciduous

Our cottage

Into the forest for our morning nature trek

Driving into the forest - hoping to spot some animals

Before sunset