Monday 16 March 2015

Keeping at it

Ads recently won the runner-up prize in a Junior League tournament conducted by his tennis academy. He was thrilled and so were we, more so because it has taken us 4 years of almost continuous tennis lessons to come to this point. While the prize in itself is not a major thing, it does signal his tremendous progress both physically and mentally. From a kid who has always lagged behind his peers in the gross motor skills area and who lacked the confidence to compete, to a kid who now plays tennis and cricket with equal aplomb. From someone who hated sport to someone who enjoys a couple of sports (yes we are a long way away from being sporty and we are very opinionated, it is enough that a couple of games are approved!). From being nonathletic to running, throwing, catching and swinging better.
I am glad we kept at it because heaven knows I have wanted to throw in the towel many many times. As his tennis improved, his cricket skills picked up and now the cricket helps his tennis. Between chess, tennis and now an upcoming intensive cricket summer camp, we will have no time or energy to focus on that important life-skill, swimming.
I am looking forward to the stamina improving over the summer. I also hope he gets better at handling his frustration and getting over the small losses and disappointments which bother him so much. Most importantly, he will learn that to play any sport even reasonably well requires enormous grit, patience and strength.
Baby steps. Have I said this before????!!!! 

Tryst with dance

A few months ago, a friend called to ask if I would agree to be the MC for her daughter's arangetram. I know the Bharatanatyam Guru as well, who is a friend and who used to teach Y briefly. Of course, I was flattered, though I immediately pointed out that what I new about the dance form could be written on one side of a very tiny envelope! No problem, said my friend. We will work on the script together and do a couple of rehearsals. You will be fine.
And that's just what we did. We wrote and rewrote the script. I kept editing till the last minute to get it perfect. I had to keep checking on the pronunciations of quite a few unfamiliar words. Finally the day arrived. I wore one of my lovely kanjeevarams and donned a very traditional Tam look. It was so much fun! The stage was beautifully decorated and lighted. The women were dazzling. The parents had left no stone unturned to ensure that their daughter's talent was showcased to the hilt. She danced with grace and poise. The accompanists were really good. I got a lot of compliments for my MC-giri, not to mention a beautiful brass Ganesha as a gift.
It was a lovely experience. I am so glad I did it. It was not only fun but and I learnt something new.