Thursday 19 August 2010

Naughtiness thy name is Yukta Part 2

What do I do with my bundle of mischief?
I was on the phone and so touched that Yukta was lovingly stroking my head, until I realized that she was painstakingly applying petroleum jelly on my hair! I now look like I applied brylcreem to every strand. 
Yesterday, Ads was peeing and he told me that "your computer part" is in the toilet bowl. I fished out the ENTER and SHIFT keys from inside the bowl. Now how did she know these are the keys I use most often?
Yes yes I cute is that? 
Now you just try typing this blog post without the ENTER and SHIFT keys ;)


  1. Payback time.. maybe she wanted to get back at you for all that baby oils you'd have used on her.

  2. ha ha Apu - this one is good - the ENTER and SHIFT key in the toilet bowl :))


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