Thursday 21 January 2010

Naughtiness thy name is Yukta

Highlights from a typical day of dealing with Y's naughtiness -
8 am: Y methodically plucks sundry keys from S's laptop keyboard. Rare yelling session by S occurs.
9.30 am: Y drops S's cellphone into a mug of hot tea, which I was holding in my hand. Another yelling session by S.
11.30 am: Ads is watching TV and she keeps fiddling with the DVD player. Manages to pull open DVD tray and Ads is in tears when the cartoon stops playing.
3.00 pm: Bites Ads in his stomach, leaving behind red puncture marks. Poor Ads reels and cries from the unexpected pain.
5.00 pm: I find the trash can in the bathroom emptied all over the floor (WHICH FOOL LEFT THE LOO DOOR OPEN??? Oops it was me!)
Every 5-10 minutes: Climb onto dining table chair and bang on my laptop keyboard randomly. I'm surprised it's still working.
She needs a contructive outlet for all that energy. Oh for the rains to stop and sunny park-weather days to be here again!


  1. Oh! Boy! Laptop keyboard! I've been there. One fleeting moment is all they need. I was one day left holding my C and A and T and the space bar in my hands as my daughter moved to other 'interesting' things! Was she trying to spell 'CAT' I wonder now? I was fuming then, the laptop was barely a week old then!

  2. i've heard similar stories from most other appears to be an intrinsic part of their "development" :)


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