Wednesday 25 August 2010

Conversation with a friend

Today, as I waited for Y to walk out of her classroom (they call it a 'studio' at her school) and toddle the 20 or so steps towards waiting me, I saw an extraordinary and very endearing sight. She was walking almost step-in-step with another girl, also carrying a backpack, who appeared to be almost the same age. They were walking (weaving would be a more appropriate word to describe what they were doing!), smiling at each other and very obviously speaking to each other, though I could not hear the words. And I thought, what on earth are they saying? Come on, Y can hardly string a few words together and I doubt the other girl could do very much more. They really looked like they were having a real conversation!! Does she already have a best friend and does she already have heart-to-hearts with her? I don't think I'll ever know :)

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