Thursday 13 January 2011

Updates from Mommyland

I've been away from this blog for only a month, but it seems like several! It has been a crazy-busy time. S has been so miserable at his job that he had been looking around for other options. Finally everything came together and he landed a good role in one of his ex-companies, working under one of his ex-bosses! We went out to celebrate, not the new job, but his deliverance from the old, awful workplace :) The upside was that he could spend the whole of the winter break with us in Chennai, away from work pressures and able to relax and enjoy his cousin's wedding, the fabulous "winter" weather this year and the heavy networking with relatives that is part and parcel of a Chennai vacation.
We came back last weekend to a FREEZING Delhi. S and I were miserable. The first thing S did was run out and buy a couple of heaters. The kids took it in their stride. They always do, don't they; it's the adults who unfailingly complain! We pulled out our relocation to-do lists and started working. Because we have to move to Gurgaon - that chaotic mess of high-rises and malls and little else besides. We made a day-long trip to Gurgaon to visit a couple of schools, and we have more lined up for the weekend. We don't relocate until the end of the academic year in March 2nd week, but getting into a decent school is our first priority and everything else will follow from that. S starts work on Monday. Here's to a new year and new beginnings.

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  1. Congratulations to S on his new job. I can't believe that vCustomer was such a seems like it was the other day you wrote so excitedly about the move to India and his new opp there as Ops head...atleast it helped you transition back. Really hope the next stint turns out better. And your move to Gurgaon and quest for good schools also turns out well Apu. All the best to all of you!


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