Thursday 20 January 2011

Huddle and Cuddle

Last weekend, we stayed the night at a relative's place and they were astonished how all four of us fitted into their queen-size bed, and woke up fresh as daisies the next morning, carrying no aches and pains from the uncomfortable sleeping positions the night before. I don't think we can carry it on for much more than a year though, not on a queen bed for sure. The only reason we can do it now is because it's winter and it's actually much nicer to have the kids in bed with us. S says it's like having an extra layer of blankets! Body warmth and all that.
All this co-sleeping is spoiling my kids silly. They can't go to sleep without a cuddling session. A few minutes after I am awake, Y gets up, sensing the lack of body warmth next to her. Come to think of it, it's spoiling me and S too, so accustomed as we are to having warm little bodies nestled inside ours, little arms around our necks and drool staining our clothes the next morning (the gross things parents find cute!).
I'm sure I am going to start finding all this cute stuff pretty annoying once the Delhi summer arrives in another couple of months. Body warmth in April and May - I think NOT!

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