Monday 16 January 2012

Nominated and tagged!

I've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Smitha of Any Excuse to Write.....Thanks Smitha! You deserve your award because you are definitely one of the most versatile bloggers I know :)
Let me just copy and paste the rules for the Versatile Blogger award. We have to: 
1. Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers. Err.....considering I read only about 20 blogs on a regular basis and most of them aren't personal blogs but work-related and travel, 4 nominations is all I can manage :) Here goes. I nominate:
2. Inform the Bloggers of their nomination. Ok done :)
3. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post. Again, done!
4.Share 7 random things about yourself.
a) I'm anal about throwing out junk. I hate clutter and my happiest moments are spent clearing and de-cluttering. I don't even like full mailboxes - at any point I can't deal with seeing more than 15 emails in my inbox :)
b) I'd love to be able to speak Tamil (my mother tongue) better. I can read and write but very very slowly. In fact, my Hindi is far stronger than my Tamil, and while that is very convenient (!), I want to set aside some time to improve my Tamil.
c) I used to write a lot of poetry until a few years ago. Now both reading and writing poetry have gone out the window.
d) The first serious job interview I attended was to be an air-hostess, straight after college, for British Airways. I got turned down!
e) Most days, I eat before my kids do :) I find I can deal with the whole meal-time routine and mess so much better when I'm not hungry.
f) I'm terrified of the rides at amusement parks - the giant wheel, roller-coaster etc. Physical courage and thrill-seeking behaviour is SO not me!
g) I used to work as a compere on All India radio (those were the days!), on a contract basis. I did it for 2-3 years and boy, the joy of getting a cheque of Rs 300/- in the mail (I mean postbox!).
Enjoyed writing this post! :) Thanks again, Smitha.


  1. That was a fun read..enjoyed every bit of it :)


  2. wow..such a fun-filled list of seven facts..
    I'll begin with the last first.. were a compere on AIR..awesome!

    I love those rides..:-)

    hehe..ya, I can also not my best when am hungry..

    I say, it's their look great and even after two kids, so fit!

    now, now..when am so shameless and show off my half-baked stuff around as poetry, aren't you inspired enough???

    am totally with you on point one and two..could be me writing those..

    thanks a ton for nominating I need to rack my brains for some "interesting" ones..:-)

  3. Uma, thanks for the kind words :) made my day!!
    i'm looking fwd to your post - i'm sure u'll come up with interesting stuff with no effort at all!
    You like those rides...gosh...i'm dead scared of them, nowadays i have to put on a brave face so as not to scare the kiddos.

  4. hey I find I was so overwhelmed at needing to make a list soon that I didn't comment here when I read it the first time, my bad :( !

    Compere on AIR - seriously.. you should put that in your introduction or something, that's totally awesome!!

    I love those rides too, what kind of a Virgo group do you,me and Uma form, so many common points, yet some terribly different ones too :).

    Eating before kids, I feel the same. In fact if I have not eaten when S comes back from school I'll eat quickly and then sit down to give him his food ;).

    Rest at my list.. hopefully soon :).

  5. Ok now you are another weirdo for liking those rides :))
    Oh well....I wish I could be like that too, but they scare me silly.
    I'm looking forward to your post. How come you haven't been writing much recently?


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