Tuesday 3 January 2012

My kowhai and my kauri

The friend with whom we stayed in Auckand gifted a book to Ads. It is called "The little Kowhai tree" and it's a very cute book about 2 trees (siblings, a brother-sister pair) who stand up for and protect each other. The children can't get enough of the book and I am reading it out to them several times a day. The same two lines repeat several times in the book and whenever they appear, the kids chorus (Y in high-pitched tones, very loud and clear and Ads with his altogether deeper, more bass voice) "I'm a little kowhai, short and stout. If you hurt my brother, you better watch out!". 
As the book comes to a close, Ads ends with "I'm a great big Kauri, tall and stout. If you hurt my sister, you better watch out!". 
Such Awwwww moments!


  1. Real Awww moments. Talks about tree/environment protection and also teaches sibling how to stand for each other.

  2. Awwww moments indeed! So so so sweet!

  3. I know. I loved the book. It was very moving and so sweet.

  4. awwww indeed! :)

    Note to self: I should get this book for my nephews.

    1. Check Free shipping anywhere in the world!


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