Sunday 18 December 2011


It's been a long week (fortnight in the case of Ads) for the children as they've had extended hours to practice for their annual day (Ads) and Sports Day (Y). Ads was in a group dance (loosely based on Kalaripayattu), a short 2 minute performance with 7 other boys. He was most excited since he got to hold a shiny sword and prance around! Y participated in 2 obstacle races with her class. Along with a couple other of the youngest kids, she got selected to "inaugurate" the school "Olympics" by releasing some balloons into the air. There were no winners or losers and all the children got medals for participation. It was very nicely done, short and sweet. All of last week, after coming back from school, Y would tell me "Amma, today I won last, but on Saturday I will win first!" :))
Some snapshots from yesterday - Y is the one in the purple jacket.

Toddling off after the race.

Waiting for the "bucket race" to start.

Medal time.

Ads in his costume (Y got frightened looking at all that makeup!)


  1. no videos of ads dancing? he looks straight out of a well illustrated mythology book!

  2. Gosh! Such cute pics!
    The tiny tots look absolutely adorable! :)

  3. It is quite funny that schools give all kids a medal. If they don't start learning young that there is always a merit order, when will they start learning I wonder...

    Cute pics. I love how sincere all of them look.

  4. Avaith looks super cute. A lot of effort mommy on the dressing. Loved Yuktha's 'win on saturday' !:)

  5. @Anita: well the thing is that they only give everyone a prize until KG or so I think, when one can't expect a kid to understand that he or she 'lost' and someone else 'won'. They're too tiny. I know that for Ads' age (5+) there are clear winners and losers - he hasn't brought home any medals!!


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