Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Best part of Parenting - NYT article

It's been crazy-busy over here. But we are all moved, and set, and I have been sick as a dog. Until I update with all the happenings in Mommyland, here's an article I read today, and loved. I particularly liked a few things that the author said:
You could read human progress through the tears. The tears of a baby are often a reflex, for a toddler almost always the fruit of frustration or fatigue. The tears of a child begin to be the tears of knowledge. The older heart is more breakable.
So true!
And this:
I regret being pinkslipped from my 24/7 Mom job, although there were times over the years when I thought the inexorability of it would kill me. But it’s hard to imagine anything better than right now: the family dinner with the five of us, all talking about politics, books, work, friends, and one another. It’s hard to imagine anything better than three smart and insightful people who live in the same city we do, who make me remember that there was a point to the whole exercise, and the point was this.
So, there IS a point....that gives me hope! I was beginning to wonder *wink*.

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