Thursday 10 March 2011

Baby lisping

Aren't Tantra t-shirts the cutest??? I'm so glad they have children's sizes!!! This is a new one I picked up for Y recently.
Last evening, after dinner, the kids and I were talking. Each one perched on one of my thighs (very painful!). Anyway, as we were chatting, Y said the word sweater in some context. The only thing is, she pronounced it, as she always does, as fetter. I asked her to say some other words starting with the sound sw.
Sweat. She said fet.
Swot. fot.
Swim. fim.
Swindon. findon.
Swat. fat.
Ads and I couldn't stop laughing and Y was very happy to have been the cause of so much merriment. Ads' peals of laughter were cut off abruptly when I asked him to say Rallies. He said - Yallies. I said - Oh you mean Yallies? He was enraged - No amma, I said YALLIES!!! I said - Never mind Ads I love the way you say yallies instead of rallies. He was almost in tears (time for me to shut up and stop laughing, I thought!) - Amma I didn't say yallies, I said yallies!


  1. :) since the children oblige, get them recorded and give it them as gift when they get older

  2. Whats the best way to record something they say? I don't want a video, just the voice? I'm sure that's a dumb question but i've never done it...we only have tons of video. Is there some software I can download and use and get the file saved directly on the laptop?

  3. Ooh that's soo cute Aparna.. how we wish the baby talk lasts for ever... and thanks for the t-shirt tip too I hadn't seen them yet :)

  4. Try audacity. Its free. It can even record straight off your laptop mic.. but it may not pickup the sounds well (i mean the laptop mic) so try and get yourself one of those headphone+mic thingies (here i go) and just leave the mic near the kids . It will produce much better output. We use it all the time for recording teleconferences (for evidence... during client calls :))


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