Friday 25 June 2010

Setting up and decorating house

We got back to Delhi, to be greeted by 25 cartons of stuff that had arrived from the US. The shipment was almost 2 months late (we were supposed to get it by April-end). My first reaction on seeing the boxes filling up precious floor space was one of irritation, because my unpacking enthusiasm had waned was I to find the energy to unpack all these boxes?
As I started on the task, my irritation grew, supplemented by a sense of wonder at my own foolishness, near-sightedness and acquisitiveness. Why on earth did I have so much STUFF? Specifically, why do I have so many clothes? My clothes spilled out of every box. I had used them to pad our curios, kids' toys, my kitchen stuff; and there were enough left over to ship to every woman in Somalia. Oh well, I exaggerate, but I am so mad at myself. I have imposed a moratorium on any more clothes purchases for myself for the next one year. I'm confident I'll stick to it. 
I lovingly unpacked many of the curios I had purchased on our travels to Mexico and Canada. It was a delightful exercise to think about where to place them (some place Yukta-inaccessible, of course), and move things around until everything looked just right. I leave you with some snaps of the apartment. Still a few wall-hangings to be put up (some need to be re-framed), and I need to get some balcony furniture too. But the latter can wait since it's still too hot and dusty to think about sitting outside.

This display in my study has the boomerang (Australia), a Chinese tea set (Chinatown - Vancouver), and sand painting (Arizona Indians). The stand next to the couch has two cute drums (Hawaii).

The kids room - lots of Ads' artwork and I still have to put some more up.

Living room - 2 paintings depicting the Ramayana (Bangkok), my beloved Mysore painting (a housewarming gift from S's aunt) and a random bright yellow vase picked up at a thrift shop in the Bay Area!

My beloved Warli shares space with a piece of pottery depicting the Aztec calendar (Mexico) and a mask from South Africa (which I have never visited; it was a gift from a friend who holidayed there).

Some thrift-shop finds with green tequila shot set (Mexico).

One of my favourite paintings - the San Francisco skyline. My brother bought this for me.


  1. Thought I commented.. nice house you have there. aren't those hinged glasses a bit worrisome?

  2. they are, actually. i have some earthquake putty that i bought in SFO. its supposed to make ur movable, "shatter-able" stuff stick to its support so that even an earthquake can't dislodge it! i've used it to give extra support to the glass shelves.


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