Monday 2 March 2009

Y is going....nowhere

Is it any wonder that I haven’t mailed in a few days?
My mother left 10 days ago and S and I have been holding our increasingly shaky fort - buoyed up by the fact that the in-laws arrive in a few days to provide much-needed support. It has been an exhausting time, but I also feel good because now I know that as hard as it is to manage the kids on my own, it’s not as hard as I feared!
Y’s latest is that she is still trying to roll over but suffering from the last-mile problem. She rolls quite easily to her side and halfway onto her tummy, but then her paunch and her arm get in the way and she is remains stuck in that position, unable to move either forward or backward. I swear that in this respect she is just like me -- she tries (sometimes energetically, sometimes quite half-heartedly) to push herself over onto her stomach, but after a few attempts she thinks “Oh what the heck….it’ll happen when it happens…”, puts her thumb into her mouth and falls asleep :)
When I think of all the projects and hobbies and activities that I have thought about or started with so much enthusiasm and dropped after a few attempts, I have to wonder whether some of those genes haven’t been passed on to my daughter!
Apparently, rolling over (like crawling) is an optional stage. A lot of kids don’t roll over, they just sit up and then start crawling. Sometimes they even skip the crawl and go straight to standing up. We have to see which mode of locomotion Y prefers.

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