Friday 27 March 2009

Gymming it up with Ads

Ads has been enrolled in a gymnastics class for the last month. It's a class called "Tiny Tots Gym" offered for 3-4 year olds by the Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department.
Class 1, was a disaster. No surprises there.
Class 2, he was fine until he saw me. This was about 10 minutes before the end of class. Then he started bawling his lungs out and the gymnastics center resonated to the wails of Mommmmmeeeeeee, mommmmmeeeeee.
Class 3, his teacher said he did okay. Apparently he had done an "awesome" job of participating in the previous class and she felt she was more timid the third time around. He refused to get on the trampoline or monkey bars.
We sent him to Class 4 after a pep-talk, asking him to be bold and try the trampoline. He jumps all the time on our bed, and has tried a trampoline once, and which kid doesn't love anything that bounces them up so high?? I peeked in just before the end of class and was thrilled to see him take multiple turns on the trampoline. He didn't cry even once and finally seems to be getting comfortable with the class, the coach and the other kids (all 5 of them!)
It is heartbreakingly cute to see the 5 kids form a choo-choo train and walk around the classroom. I have contained the impulse to grab my camera and go shutter-crazy, but I think I will take some pictures at the next class.

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