Sunday 28 December 2008

To give or not to give

Advaith loves having visitors nowadays. Guess why? Because everybody who comes to see the baby invariably gets him a gift, mostly toys and books, very nice ones at that! Yesterday we were expecting a friend and his family to drop in and Advaith said “Avaa enakku gift kondu varalena, naa kochupein” I didn’t like him saying (or even thinking) this. Since when did kids develop this sense of entitlement? Since when has it been discourteous or insensitive to visit a house to see the new baby and not take along a separate gift for the elder sibling? I don’t blame Advaith for saying what he did. He’s only 3 after all. The broader trend of exchanging gifts at every possible occasion (not just birthdays, new babies and the like) only means that he looks at every visitor as a potential present-bearer.
Back when I was a kid, one only got presents at one’s birthday or whenever one’s NRIs relatives visited India. Because presents were so rare and much-awaited, the pleasure one derived from them was immense. I am sure that Advaith doesn’t get half the happiness and satisfaction from his presents that I used to get from mine. It doesn’t help that even friends and relatives who live far away, mail packages containing gifts for the kids. Why complain, even I do the same thing. The prospect of meeting a friend or a cousin (and their kids) is just the excuse I need to go on a very pleasurable shopping spree.
I wonder whether we are bringing up a generation of spoilt kids, all of whom have way too much?

Oops there’s the doorbell. Hmmm…..a package from Looks like someone ordered something for us. Yipppeeeee!!!!! Must stop blogging now…..see you later :))

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