Saturday 20 December 2008

Letter to Yukta

Dear Yukta,
You are 6 weeks old today. Once again, welcome to your family! I can’t but help compare the first 6 weeks of life with you with the first 6 weeks of life with your big brother. Of course, you weren’t there when he was a baby just like you, but what the heck, you didn’t miss much. Did you really want to see your mommy all washed-out, exhausted and (occasionally) mildly hysterical? Your brother having colic-induced screaming fits for several hours every night? The unnerving heat of that August and September in Chennai? (It’s always hot in Chennai though. Point noted). I hate to say this, but you know what? Relatively and absolutely speaking, you’re easy. Or is it just us? Is it just that you are baby #2? Are you naturally chilled-out, or are you that way because we are chilled-out around you?

In the past few weeks, we’ve entertained at home, gone out to dinner and shopping (both twice) with you in tow, and lugged you to sundry other places where you weren’t really required. We hold you in the crook of one arm while holding the phone with the other hand, I cook one-handed while you look on with mild curiosity and we don’t bother to turn down the TV volume just because you’re asleep.

Being parents the second-time around means that we know that babies aren’t as fragile as they seem. Being parents the second-time around means that we are less paranoid, less anxious and more confident. It means we fuss less and enjoy you more. You have been giving us that 1000-watt smile for more than a week now. Did Advaith begin smiling this early as well? Did I, living as I was in a fog of post-partum pain, just not notice? Or is it just you?

Whatever the reason may be, you ROCK!

Stay this way, little princess. And keep smiling.

Your adoring parents


  1. hmm...looks like mommy favourite is evident... Addu: Bro, not to worry, you rock too! :P - Ash

  2. Oh no! No favourites here...but just to make amends, maybe I shd write a "Letter to advaith" post too :)


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