Tuesday 30 June 2020

The Covid Life - Part 2

Summer vacation has started. It has been a loooong spring and will be a longer summer! The kids have been doing well, extremely well in fact. Ads spends his time doing courses on philosophy, astronomy and physics. Y has started a short online course on fashion design, has learnt Canva on her own and will start a  month-long creative writing course next week. We have been missing our family hikes (correction: S & I have been missing them, the kids are quite happy doing without!) but hopefully, we can do some over the summer. This particular family activity has been replaced by a daily evening dose of shows/movies. Ads has picked out some really good options for us. We are watching episodes of the 'Twilight Zone', a series that ran over 5 seasons between 1959-1964 and it is very very good. We have also watched a ton of movies - some old (50s-80s) and some not-so-old.
It has been incredibly hot but I finally ordered some furniture for the patio so we are able to have our evening chai and snacks outside and if we were a little less lazy, could manage dinner as well.
So life has been somewhat humdrum with none of the usual travel. Guess what, I am actually liking it this way! Maybe I don't have such itchy feet after all :) 

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