Thursday 6 February 2014

Food and the third kid

S and I have a standing joke, that the amount of food wasted on a daily basis by Ads and Y would comfortably feed our hypothetical third child.
Last week, after the kids had finished with dinner, S looked at the soiled dishes stacked near the sink and said: Our third child is getting pretty fat.
Sigh. While our first two children only grow lengthwise! :)


  1. in the recent past, adequate references to the third child - not to mention the comment on my post about you ready for sleepless nights again - do i hear some bells ringing? are you heralding a new beginning :P?

    1. Sorry to disappoint Yuvika..:) through blogging, speaking and occasional cuddling of babies not belonging to me, I am vicariously experiencing some of the pleasures of a brand new baby :) That will do for now. Looking forward to Madam M's arrival though I suppose she may not be as complaisant as last time.


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