Tuesday 7 January 2014

Questions galore

Before I continue with the Bali blogathon, I am motivated by Chatty Wren's recent post on her girls, to jot down some similar things that Y said. I have to say, I don't know where these kids get all these thoughts and ideas from. Y is most concerned about how many kids she will have. Her future family recently downsized from 5 to a more manageable 4. She hopes and prays she will have two girls. A boy and a girl is a less palatable but still acceptable option. Two boys --- what, are you kidding me????!! That's the horror scenario :)
Second, she worries that it will pain a lot when she has kids.
Three, who will take me to the hospital? The ambulance or you????
Four, I can only have kids when I marry -- right?? (This piece of wisdom imparted by her brother, who once spoke to me about a hen and a rooster who got married and then they laid an egg!) Errr....right!
Five -- who will I marry? Someone with black hair (not grey/white like Appa!). Maybe I can marry Anna? Not possible?
I find it easier to answer Ads' questions. Like the one he asked me in Bali. "If we all have to die one day, what's the point of being born?"
That's my boy! Learn to ask the right questions, and the answers will follow :)


  1. Hilarious read, seriously the questions they ask and one must be careful with the answers too because that is fodder for round 2!

    1. That is true....I think sometimes I'm not that careful with my replies :)

  2. lol, 4 is a huge jump from 0 when she was here - she squarely stated no kids because it was going to pain.

  3. haha I thought I was having a tough time answering birth questions from D, Y is very early at it indeed!!

  4. loved the questions, Aps! And curious to know how you answered Ads about the point of being born?


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