Friday 27 September 2013

The losing battle

Several times a week, while eating dinner, she gives me a wistful look. 
I wish that ....
No! I unceremoniously interrupt.
....I can sleep with you and appa.
I studiously ignore her. It's all very fine to cuddle up with your little bundle of joy, but 8 years down the line, I'm unwilling to relinquish my hard-won victory - the reclaimed bed, space and night-time peace!
Twice a week, the two kids get to sleep in our bedroom. On Sunday nights, to help them deal with Sunday evening/Monday morning blues *rolls eyes* and one other night during the week. When these happy occasions come around - Yessss!!! Father and daughter gleefully pump their arms into the air in unison.
But just now, she knows better than to argue with me. If Appa was around, she would get some support. I would have two pairs of identical mournful eyes beseeching me :) Yes the dad is worse than his daughter but knows better than to cross me in this matter :)
So, being the smart cookie that she is, she goes for guerilla warfare. Attack when the enemy is at her most vulnerable. When all defences are down.
1 am or 2 am is the time generally chosen.
Amma, a small voice quavers pitifully. My legs are hurting soooo much. Or, I had a bad dream. 
Some nights, I pull her into bed with me. After a few leg massages and cuddles, off she goes back to her room, over the protests of her dad. Some nights, though, Lady Luck is on their side. I'm too tired or sleepy to fight. She triumphantly climbs into Appa's waiting arms.
When the enemy is within, what can one do??? :(


  1. How can one say no to Y....esp for cuddling....

  2. Aparna, tell me about this. been there done that. We moved beds and rooms just to make ample space in both room kids and ours. The dad who is out on work skypes and the little girl tells her dad appa we both will sleep on the new bed.The appa adds, we can move amma to the other room....I need to look at my identity at home....Gosh these kids, they so long for their dads...

  3. This one made me smile! In our case the acchan has decided to move over to babies room for peaceful sleep!

  4. Ha ha
    Sweet one!

  5. LOL the dialogues sound so much like S when we tried to train him too!! Such charmers aren't they? ;)


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