Wednesday 22 May 2013

When a child sleeps too little - and a mom says too much!

Ads has always been a restless sleeper. Many days, he is over-stimulated and unable to fall asleep soon after hitting the bed. Plus he dislikes sleeping. Many a time, we have have conversations revolving around what a waste of time sleep is.
The last time he complained about sleep being a waste of time, I told him: The body needs sleep in order to rest and recharge itself. 
He said: what'll happen if someone doesn't sleep for a long long time?
I replied (hastily and thoughtlessly as t turned out): They would be really really tired and they may even faint or die.
I could have bitten my tongue out even as I said this but he said no more and I moved on, hoping he had not paid much attention to what I said.
Fat hope.
A day later, he comes to my room at night, very agitated and in tears.
Amma, I can't sleep. I'm going to have such a short life!!
Now what do I do with this boy???


  1. ouch!..poor guy! must have been a difficult situation..but I'm sure you'd have soothed him and allayed his fears..and he is feeling much better now.

  2. ha ha ha! u walked right into this one, didn't u!

  3. Oh the poor guy! You need to remember how super-smart he is before explaining anything to him :).


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