Tuesday 24 April 2012

In which Y proves she has my genes (Yay!)

...and she did it by sleeping...yes, she really is fast this position.

I'm the one who sleeps in such odd positions, feet bent at 90 degrees and up in the air. Yes, I am totally comfortable and I can sleep like a baby (or Y!). No, it does not hurt :) In fact I'm more likely to wake up with vague body pains if I sleep on my back or side like most other people :)
Ads is like his father, who can't bend his knees without the latter emitting an alarming creaking sound.
So, there's atleast one thing that my daughter inherits from me...even if it's something weird!


  1. hahahaha...that's so cute...
    and yes, you know that I understand...totally! :-)))

  2. Aww! That is so cute! She is fast asleep? Wow!


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