Friday 11 February 2011


Unveiling Y's new look......
I quite like it. It's kinda retro-hip. Sort of like Preity Zinta's look in Kal Ho Na Ho, also Rani's in NOKJ? She's been good (so far, though it's early days yet) about wearing the glasses.
The verdict is a power of +4. The doc was very optimistic about the prospects for both squint and number correction. We go back in 6 weeks for a re-evaluation to check how well the glasses have been working and also whether one eye squints more than the other (in which case the stronger eye will need to be patched up under the glasses). We will also get a better handle on the time-frame for squint correction. As far as the power goes, the doc said it should come down to zero between the ages of 5 and 10, and this happens in a vast majority of cases involving kids. It appears that the situation could have been a lot less rosy if the number had been negative.
So that's the update on those beautiful eyes. Some interesting reactions/comments have already been coming my way regarding her glass-wearing - will save them up to share in a separate blog post! :)


  1. Awww, she's a cutie either way!

  2. Yukta Rocks with that billion watt smile :)
    How did they test her? They make us read stuff for testing our power in addition to those machines they use to test our power. How do they do it with children who are too young to read?

  3. First, the doctor checked her eyes very minutely with a torch and one of those miners-helmet type thingies with a light attached. Then, for the refraction, they tested several lenses on her. They didn't ask her to read anything but asked her to look at various points in the distance - while one optometrist chenged the lenses and another one again used light to examine the eyes. They asked me whether she culd identify some figures on the screen - plane, bird, tree etc - which of course she could but obviously she could not make a judgement whether the figures were clearer with one lens and less clear with another lens.


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