Thursday 18 February 2010

Farewell to our minivan

So our beloved Mazda5 gets sold tomorrow and I am feeling uncharacteristically low about it. I really don't care much about cars, and know even less about their mysterious workings, but our lovely minivan has been a favourite. Is it any wonder considering that I have spent so much time driving around in it? We had a nice sedan earlier - a Hyundai Sonata. It got totalled in a crash and we upgraded to a minivan. We didn't want anything as large as a SUV (ugly and harder to maneuvre) but the Mazda struck the perfect balance between looks and comfort, convenience and aesthetics. Before anybody thinks I am moonlighting in a Mazda dealership, let me tell you what a cousin of S's told me a month ago when he peeked into my car. This is what he saw:
1. A stroller
2. A child's scooter and helmet
3. A bag of sand-toys
4. A rug for spreading on the sand/grass
5. A case of mineral water
6. Several bottles of Gatorade
7. A jar of hand and face disinfecting wipes
8. A box of tissues
9. A clear plastic case containing complete change of clothes for each kid, including spare shoes, jackets and caps.
10. 2 umbrellas
So clearly we are always well-prepared to sit out an earthquake or thunderstorm in the car. The only things missing are snacks and diapers, of which I always have a stock in my baby bag (which I always carry with me:))
Is it then surprising that I love the car -- I spend so much time in it that it's practically my second home!
S's cousin commented that I am well on my way to becoming the quintessential suburban soccer mom, which is exactly the thought that had been crossing my mind as well!
Horror of horrors!! Definitely time to leave this country :)

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  1. I can understand the sentiment Apu. When we left Atlanta in '01 for 'r2i' I felt a lump in my throat when we sold our blue Honda Accord, as Krish and I had spent so much time in it. Hopefully you will find another such mobile 'house' once you move to Delhi.


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