Saturday 25 April 2009

Y starts solids

Y is now five and a half months old and I started her on solids a few days ago. She has been ready and willing for solid food for atleast a month now, but I kept putting it off. It is so convenient to nurse. No sterilizing utensils and spoons, wiping spills, mixing and measuring, dish-washing....Plus a part of me is unwilling to let go of that precious mother-baby bond. But anyway, she started on rice cereal a few days ago and I am planning to introduce apples next week; so in a couple of months I will be lugging around baby food on top of everything else. My heart isn't in it :)
I remember how I slaved over Ads' first feed. Family and friends strongly recommended 'ragi' as the first food. So my mother and I procured fresh ragi flour, cleaned it by seiving through a thin cotton cloth, stored enough for a few feeds then carefully cooked it with milk and a little jaggery. All in the quest of being the perfect mom feeding her perfect cherub the perfect first food. What a waste of time and effort. I must have been the typical paranoid first-time mother, inexperienced and bowed down by the weighty and often unsolicited advice of others.
For Y, I condescended to go to Target and pick out my choice of cereal (instead of leaving that job to S!) and that's all the effort I was willing to take. I am sure she will grow up to be as healthy as Ads even with store-bought food products :)

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  1. i was looking for this post. thank god. will tell you why later :)


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