Wednesday 7 January 2009

Hurray for Freecycle!

So I had been thinking, for the last couple of weeks, that Yukta could do very well with an activity gym. She has been so active lately and I have been a little remiss in giving her the requisite tummy time. But I've always felt that kids' gear is the most appalling waste of money, especially as most of them get utilized only for a few months. We have been fortunate with Yukta in that all of her gear has been donated by friends, and I will in turn hand them down to someone else. Her bassinet, rocker and car seat are all hand-me-downs and we got the stroller and bouncy seat at an unbeatable price at a Bay Area resale event.
I posted a WANTED request on the Sunnyvale freecycle forum and got 2 responses within a couple of days! I picked one offered by a lady in Sunnyvale, a short 10 minute drive from our place. It's a brand new activity gym, just what I wanted. And the best part is that Y loves it. Plonk her down on it and she is good for atleast 30 minutes :)
Freecycle ROCKS. Given how many toys Advaith has been receiving lately, I sorted and set aside a small pile of toys to be freecycled and I need to post them on the forum sometime soon.

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