Wednesday 29 October 2008

Of Ads' English language skills

Advaith's English has improved considerably after starting preschool. His powers of observation are acute (not a trait he has picked up from me, that's for sure!). He can seamlessly weave in long words (which nobody has taught him but which he has observed people using) into everyday sentences, and he gets the context right 99% of the time although the grammar may often be wrong. Some samples:
"I am so interest in going for school", explaining why he wants to attend school all 5 days, instead of 3!
Another one (he asked me this before his birthday party) - "Are u exciting, mommy?"!!!

I was shocked a couple of days ago when he seriously explained to me that in case thanga-papa cannot come out on her own, the nurse will use a "vaccum set" to pull her out! I couldn't think of where he'd picked that up but then realized that he was innocently playing near me when I was watching a birth refresher slideshow on the laptop, and even though he wasn't looking at the screen, he must have been hearing every word.

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  1. He is a smarty. It is just amazing how they pick up certain things and understand them to the core, given their age.


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