Thursday 1 January 2009

And it's a Happy New Year (or so we hope...)

2009 is here. It's been the quietest New Year's Eve we've ever had. Not that we get upto any rambunctious partying to bring in the new year, but this year was quieter than most. Both the kids are sick - Advaith with a bad cold/cough following his bronchitis, and Yukta suffering from mild fever after the load of vaccines she received yesterday.

Last year at the same time, we had just landed back in Sunnyvale after a tiring but wonderful trip to Mexico. I spent most of the 31st and 1st doing laundry! S pointed out that 2008 has been the only year since we were married that we haven't travelled anyplace. No boarding flights, no staying in hotels. No overnight trips except for a weekend in Watsonville in October. I got pregnant in February and spent the next 2 months in a haze of fatigue and morning sickness. We did a lot of day trips in the summer, which were a lot of fun. In September, Advaith started preschool and my parents arrived. Yukta came into our lives in November.

It's been a good year.

Let's see what 2009 brings. Resolutions for the new year: a) Lose the baby weight and b) Be more PATIENT (I've made this resolution every year since 1999 with little headway!)

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