Friday 30 January 2009

I finally go to playgroup

I used to be a regular at playgroup. At one point Ads and I were members of three playgroups and, having nothing else to do, used to be diligent at attending each of them. The club that we are still a part of, and through which I became a member of these playgroups, helped me navigate the intricacies of a new culture with ease, make a lot of new friends very quickly, do a lot of fun activities with Advaith, and create a loose support structure that has come to my aid a couple of times. Although technically the whole playgroup concept is for the kids to socialize and play, I find that it's actually more useful for the moms (especially the stay-at-home ones), who otherwise tend to get very lonely and isolated. In such cases a moms support group is a surrogate for family who more often than not, don't live near enough to be of any help to a harassed mom.
So anyway, after having been so active in the club and even having coordinated the 2005 playgroup for several months, I suddenly found myself out of the loop in my third trimester. I used to be exhausted a lot of the time and after my parents arrived, Ads started visiting the park with them. So we stopped going to playgroup. Obviously this state of affairs continued after Y arrived. For the last few weeks I have been trying to muster up the motivation to attend. But it's an odd time for us - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 pm. Between Ads' naps (which sometimes stretch beyond 3.30 pm) and my laziness, we have been missing every week.
But today, Ads woke up from his nap at 2.30 pm. I felt I had to make the effort this time, just to get out of the house, breathe in some fresh air, and talk to adults who were not my mother or my husband. I mean, it's not as though it's a horribly difficult thing to do! Being this lacklustre about things makes me feel ridiculous. I got Ads and Y ready, collected all the gear and set off for the park. It was nice seeing all my friends again. Most of them were seeing Y for the first time. And Ads had a good time too. I've resolved to be less lazy from now on and get out more often with both kids.

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