Saturday 24 January 2009

Ads plays the big bro

These days Ads is heavily into cuddling and petting his baby sister. Y is very curious about this big noisy creature who keeps coming uncomfortably close to her. She watches him with her big brown eyes, initially sporting a tentative smile but then clearly petrified when he comes too close and assails her eardrums with his much-too-loud voice. He can't get enough of her. She's like a big stuffed toy that he wants to touch and smooch all the time. We walk a thin line between asking him to be careful around her and allowing him to be the protective big brother. Ever so often, he gets upset when we ask him to tone it down; then he buries his head in my shoulder and says "Kanna clean pannu" (Clean my eyes). Translation: My feelings are hurt and I'm gonna cry so dab my eyes beforehand!
This evening she was in her bouncy seat and fretting somewhat because she wanted to be unstrapped and carried. Ads says to her: "Yukta I'm very busy. Don't ask me to carry you now."
He copies everything we say (and often uses it against us!). Today he said to me "Now I will show some motor skills" (motor skills!! I must be using that term a lot!), proceeding to climb on a chair and hence onto the kitchen countertop.
He wanted me to click a pic of him and Y. Surprise surprise! I've promised to click some nice ones tomorrow and we shall see how they come out.

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