Sunday 11 January 2009

Ads moods

Ads was playing with Y yesterday and when he tried to cuddle her, her hand flew out and she accidentally scratched him with her nails. She doesn't enjoy his cuddles too much, since he squeezes too hard! Ads was upset that she had "hit" him and I had to explain to him that it was just an accident and she didn't mean to hurt him.
Today, he was playing with her quite happily and all of a sudden there was a dramatic mood change. He fell off the bed and hurt his butt slightly. He asked me whether it would hurt Y if she fell off the bed. When I said yes, he said he was going to throw her down from the bed onto his toy train tracks. In a further exhibition of rage, he then picked up his bunny rabbit and threw it hard on the floor. I suppose he was pretending to throw Y.
Well -- atleast he knows he shouldn't harm her, even though he seems to relish the prospect of doing so :(

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  1. it's such fun to read your blog...u r creating some great reading experience for Advaith and Yukta too :)


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