Wednesday 14 January 2009

Cute stuff

Sometimes Ads is so good that he almost breaks my heart. Today, I had a ton of stuff to do around the house and it being a no-school day for him, I asked him to play by himself and not bother me or his grandmother. Surprisingly, he amused himself until lunchtime, spreading his toys all over the living room and creating a big mess. Even more astonishing, I managed to put him down for his nap without any tantrums. He had a playdate in the afternoon with his friend Natasha, and he behaved very well overall, sharing all his toys with her, playing a noisy game of hide-and-seek and saying "Thank you for coming" when they were leaving. During the playdate, Natasha and Ads both stood in front of the bedroom mirror and stared at their reflections. Ads caught hold of Natasha's hand and said "I'm a boy, she's a princess"!
Kids this age are so incredibly sweet (welll......most of the time, that is :)) Sometimes, when I go early to pick Ads up from preschool, I see his entire class of 24-odd kids walking in a straggling queue, towards the gate where the parents are waiting. It is the cutest possible sight. There are two benches placed against the wall and they all sit down there, awaiting their turn to be picked up by their respective parents. Catch a bunch of 3-year olds sitting quietly; one or the other is always jumping up and down excitedly. My heart always turns over when I see my son in that crowd. He looks so vulnerable and innocent, and I wish he would never grow up. As he sits on the bench, he keeps leaning forward and waving to me. There is real happiness in his eyes at the sight of me.
Fast-forward 10 years - I know I will be ready to cut off my right arm to see that same gleam of happiness in his eyes on beholding me.
Here's a picture of him cleaning the dining room chairs this morning. He loves to mop, swab and clean (whose son is he anyway?!!)

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