Thursday 22 January 2009

The lot of a younger child.... hard indeed.
Between the washer-dryer combo, dishwasher, the mixer (my mom churning out scrumplicious stuff), Ads' numerous emergency vehicles (replete with loud sirens) and his high-pitched and loud vocals, I am surprised Y gets any sleep at all. When Ads was a baby, we shushed everyone in sight when he was asleep; we drew all the curtains, kept our cellphones on vibrate and God help anyone who dared to fiddle around with the pressure cooker or mixer when the Prince was asleep.
If Y somehow manages to snooze, we dump her in the bassinet in a bright room, make merry with all the electrical appliances available and get irritated when she is up in half an hour. To give S his due, he does try to create a quiet peaceful ambience for her naps, but is invariably defeated by our machinations.
My poor daughter. The elder child seems to have it all. The younger child, just as loved and cherished no doubt; but never the sole star of the household. Always having to share the limelight with the elder sibling. It doesn't seem fair. Heck, it isn't fair!!! It's even worse if the younger one is the same sex as the elder one - what's his/her selling proposition, pray??
It's been said (not proven) that birth order has important effects on personality and psychology. I was doing some random reading about this and it seems so inconclusive that a 1983 study actually said that birth order research is a waste of time. All I know is, if I spend any more time reading up on stuff like this, it will definitely be a waste of MY time!


  1. Hey, we do just fine! :)

    But, yes...when I was old enough to realise it, I remember being upset about not being part of the pre-me family vacation to Kashmir. I also remember noting that there were *so* many pictures of my sister and so few of me.

    Seriously though, I've always thought younger kids are more independent because they've always had to share their parents' attention.

  2. i think that's true...i often wonder how much of advaith's clinginess/dependence is due to having a stay-at-home mom at his beck and call.


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