Wednesday 31 December 2008

Yukta's 2 month doctor visit

We took Yukta for her 2 month checkup today (a few days early since she won't turn 2 months until the 5th of January). Her weight gain has been good; she now weighs 5.1 kg and is in the 72nd percentile for weight. I checked back with Advaith's medical record and found that he actually weighed more at the same stage (he was 5 kg at 6 weeks). We had a long wait at the Pediatric Injections clinic where Yukta was to receive 3 shots (Pneumococcal, HiB, plus a combination of HepB, DTP and Polio) and one oral vaccine (Rotavirus). When we were finally called, I put her on my lap and she got the Rotavirus oral vaccine first. She gagged a little bit but managed to keep it down. With the first shot, she made the saddest, cutest little face and whimpered a bit but stayed calm. The second shot made her go bright red in the face and she started bawling, not even noticing that the nurse was pricking her for the third time! She quietened down pretty quickly though. It is so pathetic to see unsuspecting babies being jabbed with sharp needles! The next ordeal (vaccinations) is after two months, at her 4-month checkup.

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