Thursday 29 January 2009

Last day at preschool

Today was Ads' last day at his current preschool. He has been going there for the last 5 months and will be starting at a Montessori school come Feb 2. He is a very adaptable child so, as happy as he has been at this school, I don't think he will particularly miss his teachers or classmates. One of his teachers was telling me how much he enjoys being at school and how they would miss him. He has been one of the quieter students in the class and the teacher admitted that the quieter students always get less attention because the teachers are focused on keeping the troublemakers in check. This preschool was a good launching pad for him. It's a play-based, no-stress kind of place and he has had a blast there from the very beginning. One only hopes he will like the new school as much.

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