Sunday 18 January 2009

Home alone with Yukta

Yesterday, S took Ads and my mum to Point Reyes to see the southern migration of the California gray whale, supposedly the longest migration of any mammal. Since Y has been a little fussy for the last couple of days and since I didn't have the enthusiasm for a two and a half hour drive (one way), we decided that Y and I would have a quiet day at home. So I had my fill of cuddling and kissing my little bundle of joy -- something I am always wary of doing when big brother is around. I gave her a leisurely bath, rubbed lotion all over that chubby body and rocked her to sleep for her many naps of the day. Aah - the delight of holding and snuggling up to a baby who is too young to squirm and protest - is unsurpassed! I held her tight in my arms and rubbed my nose into her soft cheek, inhaling the milk-scented sweetness of her. This is true bliss.
S and I love cuddling our babies, so it's fortunate that even 3-year old Ads still has very kissable, plump cheeks (even though the rest of him is so skinny). Even more fortunate that he enjoys being cuddled and made a fuss of (so many boys don't!)
So the day passed very peacably and Y and I had our own special intimate communion. Life can be quite restful when you are not chasing an active 3-year old all over the place! I didn't realize until I became a mother for the second time, how easy it is to manage an infant!
I had virtously resolved to do a couple of things today when the house is quiet in the absence of Ads: a) Read a couple of back issues of "The Economist" b) Think about when and how I am getting back to work. I did manage to read some of the Economist online but then I lost steam and wasted precious time painting my nails and reading sundry useless stuff on the Internet :( I do feel pretty relaxed now so I guess that counts for something :)
The gang came back home at 5 pm (having left at 8 am), tired and happy. They didn't see any whales, as it turned out; but Ads played on the beach and they saw lots of elephant seals. We plan to go again in mid-March to see the reverse migration of the whales, and hopefully that time we WILL see some whales! The pictures are beautiful. They remind me of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

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