Wednesday 18 February 2009

When will my little boy grow up?

And do I want him to?
Most of the time, no. Occasionally, oh YES!
The mornings and afternoons are hard sometimes. He gets very upset if I am nowhere to be found when he wakes up from his night's sleep or his afternoon nap. He needs to sit on my lap to drink his cuppa milk. He has to have mommy's warmth and cuddles. No one else will do. The funny thing is that this only applies when I am in the house. If he knows that I am not at home, he will make do with whoever is available! Some mornings, he will follow me around all over the house like a lost puppy. Every now and then when he wants my full attention, he will say " Mommy, I want to hug you" or "Mommy, I want to kiss you". Now which mother can resist that?
The other day, S said that Ads' cute phase would last only about another 6 months. I felt a pang of sadness and regret when I thought about this. It's true, another 6 months, maybe 12, and he will become all grown up and independent. He won't be my baby any more. And then it will be me who will follow him around the house asking for a hug or a kiss.
I became a better daughter/daughter-in-law after I became a mother. Now when I see my mother-in-law making a fuss of S, I can really truly understand how she feels. It's very very hard for a mother when her child grows up. And I think we never quite get over it. Even when the child is a great big hulk of 40 with grown-up kids of his own!

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  1. What might give you a little breather from this amusing notion is perhaps the thought that for a mother, her little boy shall remain her little boy,no matter how old he grows! And by one standard he's already grown up, he has a little sister!


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