Saturday 14 February 2009

Drop-off time and the peace lesson

Ads has started a new stunt at school drop-off time. He says to me "Pick up me" atleast ten times each morning. Hmmm....his grammatical errors are entirely logical, I must say. His teachers are used to this by now and invariably one of them requisitions him as a helper for some job that they are doing in the classroom e.g emptying the dishwasher, feeding ths fish or the bird etc. In this way, they draw him away from me so that I can beat a hasty retreat.
The class had a "Peace lesson" last week. The peace lesson is a lesson in conflict resolution and negotiation. The class has a "peace table" to which kids who have a dispute or disagreement, retire to. They are supposed to sit there and talk until they reach an amicable resolution. The wall next to the peace table has a notice tacked to it which says things like "No name-calling. No shouting. Be polite. No accusing." I am amazed at this concept and wonder how they get it across to a class comprising 2-6 year olds.

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