Sunday 22 February 2009

Gotta love the stuff preschoolers bring home

It’s funny how just yesterday I was thinking about how Ads has never thrown up big time and if at all there is someone up there, he decided to make my unspoken wish come true :)
(One may rightly wonder -- I certainly do -- why on earth I am thinking of puke when there are doubtless other nicer and weightier matters that could do with my intellect....What can I say, I guess there comes a time in your life as a mother when these ARE important and weighty matters!)
Ads had been feeling a little under the weather all day yesterday. His appetite was poor. On returning from the park in the evening, he complained that his eyes watered whenever he blinked and he had a temperature of 102 degrees (another first - we’ve been lucky enough never to have to deal with a fever higher than 101 in the past). So I dosed him with Tylenol and put him to bed early. I woke up at 1.40 am to change Y’s diaper and feed her and I checked on Ads to see whether he was okay. S told me he had given him another dose of Tylenol and that his fever had come down. So I went back to bed relieved only to be woken up moments later by S asking for help because Ads was throwing up. No gory details here - but we spent a good 30 minutes cleaning everything in sight, including our generously-vomit-splattered son!
So we have spent a glorious Saturday indoors, keeping an irritable little boy occupied, in passable spirits and as far away as possible from his sister. The latter has been difficult since he wants to hold and cuddle her and we aren't allowing him to do so, leading to the odd tantrum. We'll keep him home tomorrow as well and keep our fingers crossed that a) he is well enough to go to school on Monday and b) he doesn't pass anything onto Y.

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  1. Poor Advaith. You truly cannot be called a parent if you have not dealt with puke at least once :-)


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