Saturday 14 February 2009

I just read this post and loved it! I can totally identify with the "stuff that SF parents like". So often, I have been the only mom at playgroup whose kid was munching cheesy Goldfish instead of multigrain crackers dipped in hummus. I have had to organize two parties for my son - one with a "no-gifts" policy for his playgroup buddies (where I had to remember to serve ultra-healthy snacks to make up for the cake that was ruining the kids' health and digestive tracts); and one "regular" party for the Indian junta with balloons, streamers and yes, gifts.
Yes, I freecycle and recycle but I don't cloth-diaper and I don't use paraben-free sunscreen and I don't shop for organic food. I think farmers' markets are nice but pricey so I don't buy my produce from there. And phthalates....err....what are those? I think I forgot!

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