Saturday 14 February 2009

Three months already?

Sometimes it seems just like yesterday that Y was born. And sometimes I feel like she has been around forever. Just like it is difficult to remember a pre-Ads life, it is getting harder to remember a life when we were only a family of three.
Y has crossed the 3-month milestone. She reaches out and hangs onto things. She loves tugging at people's hair. She has become bigger and cuter. She is now entering my favourite baby phase; I love the 4-12 month stage. I find this the most adorable stage for babies. She interacts beautifully with her brother. She makes all sorts of sounds when he is near, calls out to him and gurgles enthusiastically at him.
She hasn't yet rolled over, but I don't find her trying too hard either :) She has been losing a lot of hair due to lying on her back all the time. She has bald patches all over her head.
She insists on being picked up a lot of the time. I can't get any work done around the house unless I carry her in the baby sling. She has got over her initial aversion to it and hangs onto me quite happily. The one contraption she is still averse to, is the carseat. She is okay as long as the car is in motion but the minute we stop at a traffic light, she chafes at the restraints and starts yelling at the top of her voice.
Life will get more interesting as she gets more mobile. She likes watching us eat and I have a feeling that she will be ready for solid food earlier than Ads was. Maybe I will start her on solids when she turns 4 months.

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