Tuesday 3 February 2009

First day at the new school

Today was Ads' first day at his new school. He needs to be dropped between 8.30 and 8.50 am and I have to pick him up at noon. I was a little nervous whether he would let me drop him off without an emotional outburst, but it went well. I had prepared him beforehand - we have visited this school several times and spent atleast 30 minutes in the classroom and playground each time. So he is familiar with the teachers and some of the kids. He gave him a long and tight hug but he didn't cry. His teacher said she would take him to the kitchen area and he must help her unload the dishwasher and he went with her quite happily. I picked him up at 12 and apparently "there were some tears" around 11 am (he claims he missed me!).
It's tough adapting to a new environment at this age. I should know. I studied in 11 schools and the start of every year was a nightmare. I don't think I ever wondered why my parents were putting me through this trauma year after year after year. Now I know and in hindsight it was a very valuable learning experience for me. It taught me how to blend in, be flexible and make friends quickly (and not mope when I had to leave them!).
Hopefully Ads will enjoy his new school as much as he did his old school.

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